Java MCQs with Answer

  Java MCQs with Answer Java programs are (a) Faster than others (b) Platform independent (c) Not reusable (d) Not scalable Answer (b) Platform independent Java has its origin in (a) C programming language (b) PERRL (c) COBOL (d) Oak programming language Answer (d) Oak programming language Which one of the following is true for…

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cv writing mcqs

CV Writing MCQs

CV Writing MCQs Time devoted to writing in communication activities is a) 9% b) 16% c) 30% d) 45% Answer b) 16% Which of the following methods are used to receive information from the sender through a letter? a) Listening b) Speaking d) Reading e) Writing Answer e) Writing A kind of letter in which…

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Functional English Important MCQs

        Functional English MCQS Identifying is possible because of: (a) Skimming (b) Skinning (c) Both (d) None Answer (a) Skimming Achilles’ Heel means: (a) A Person’s Particular Weakness Blow up means: (a) Explode A hot potato means: (a) A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal With A…

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