Functional English Important MCQs

Functional English MCQS

Functional English MCQS

  1. Identifying is possible because of:
  2. (a) Skimming
    (b) Skinning
    (c) Both
    (d) None

    (a) Skimming

  3. Achilles’ Heel means:
  4. (a) A Person’s Particular Weakness

  5. Blow up means:
  6. (a) Explode

  7. A hot potato means:
  8. (a) A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal With

  9. A Piece of Cake means:
  10. (a) Something very Easy to Do

  11. I plays Hockey. The sentence is:
  12. (a) Incorrect.
    I play Hockey

  13. We use first form of the verb in:
  14. (a) Present & Future
    (b) Indefinite
    (c) Present and Future
    (d) Continuous

  15. Once in a Blue Moon means:
  16. (a) Very Rarely

  17. What is part of an application.
  18. (a) Subject

    (b) Object
    (c) Appendice
    (d) Attachment

    (a) Subject

  19. How is an official letter not sent?
  20. (a) By Hand
    (b) By Post
    (c) By E-Mail
    (d) By Car

    (d) By car

  21. Download this vic
    What is the missing word. I am
    writing with to your letter no PE/KE/2021/11
  22. (a) Idea
    (b) Notion
    (c) Reference
    (d) Knowledge

    (c) Reference

  23. For report writing we need:
  24. (a) Careful info
    (b) Morphology
    (c) Corpus
    (d) Exoressions

    (a) Careful info

  25. Location where the name and address can be mentioned in a skills profile?
  26. (a) To Left Corner
    (b) Middle
    (c) Bottom
    (d) Bottom Right

    (a) To Left Corner

  27. Essentially, a
    is a short, sharp,
    concise document
  28. (a) Thesis
    (b) Drama
    (c) Novel
    (d) Report

    (d) Report

  29. We use Picture in picture form after using did.
  30. (a) first
    (b) third
    (c) no
    (d) second

    (a) first

  31. CC in email stands for
  32. (a) Carbon Copy

  33. BCC in email stands for
  34. (a) Blind Carbon Copy

  35. E-mail can be searched through:
  36. (a) Subject

  37. E-mail is similar to:
  38. (a) Letter Writing

  39. E-mail means:
  40. (a) Electronic Mail

  41. Official Letters are _____ communication.
  42. (a) Formal

  43. ______ is a factual paper, and
    needs to be clear and well-structured.
  44. (a) Report

  45. An evaluation of the facts or the
    results of your research is a part of _____ writing.
  46. (a) Report

  47. E-mail can be sent through a
    phone, tab or _____.
  48. (a) Computer

  49. For Sending an e-mail, you need to
    have receiver’s ________ address.
  50. (a) E-Mail

  51. E-Mails can be formal or ______.
  52. (a) Informal

  53. Text comprehension improves when students can
    ______ the structure of the text.
  54. (a) Understand

  55. _____ happens when a word changes form depending on the other words to which it relates.
  56. (a) Agreement

  57. The length of a ________ review can
    start from one page to a whole essay
  58. (a) Book

  59. a book. (read) Choose
    the correct verb
  60. (a) Reads

  61. A good Writer is a good:
  62. (a) Reader

  63. Words like l, Me, We, Our should
    not be used in ____.
  64. (a) Research

  65. Research is ______ activity.
  66. (a) Scientific

  67. Cover Letters Support _____.
  68. (a) Documents

Functional English Important MCQs

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