cv writing mcqs

CV Writing MCQs

CV Writing MCQs Time devoted to writing in communication activities is a) 9% b) 16% c) 30% d) 45% Answer b) 16% Which of the following methods are used to receive information from the sender through a letter? a) Listening b) Speaking d) Reading e) Writing Answer e) Writing A kind of letter in which…

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Functional English Important MCQs

        Functional English MCQS Identifying is possible because of: (a) Skimming (b) Skinning (c) Both (d) None Answer (a) Skimming Achilles’ Heel means: (a) A Person’s Particular Weakness Blow up means: (a) Explode A hot potato means: (a) A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal With A…

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