Communication Skills Quiz

Communication Skills Quiz

Communication Skills Quiz

  1. How many formats are used for resume writing?
  2. (a) 4
    (b) 2
    (c) 3
    (d) 5

  3. ___ spins around one issue.
  4. (a) setting
    (b) comics
    (c) skimming
    (d) Novel

  5. ___ essay tells a story?
  6. (a) persuasive
    (b) narrative
    (c) Descriptive
    (d) argumentative

  7. Thinking about book/paragraph after reading it, is the example
  8. (a) regression
    (b) dedicated
    (c) Meditating
    (d) vocalization

  9. In Which part of application “Thank you” is written?
  10. (a) First
    (b) fourth
    (c) second
    (d) third

  11. Which essay thesis states the main idea of the essay?
  12. (a) Descriptive
    (b) argumentative
    (c) narrative
    (d) discursive

  13. How many pages an application letter contains?
  14. (a) three
    (b) two
    (c) four
    (d) One

  15. In which reading skill we get meaning by the sense of complete
  16. (a) Dedicated reading
    (b) scanning
    (c) contextual reading
    (d) skimming

  17. Graphs and sections are the example of _____.
  18. (a) recite
    (b) Regression
    (c) survey
    (d) review

  19. I shall say, “she brought a book.”
  20. (a) I shall say that she brought a book.
    (b) I shall say that should brought a book.
    (c) I shall say that she will bring a book.
    (d) I shall say she brought a book.

  21. ……..reports are often very brief and only include the most
    relevant detail?
  22. (a) analytical
    (b) informal
    (c) Formal
    (d) recommendation

  23. Where does the topic sentence introduce the topic and tells what
    the writer will say about the topic?
  24. (a) summary
    (b) story
    (c) paragraph
    (d) Essay

  25. Reading is a ……. process?
  26. (a) visual
    (b) written
    (c) Internal
    (d) external

  27. Which letter is used for giving message to a large number of
    people at a same time?
  28. (a) business letter
    (b) Social letter
    (c) circular letter
    (d) employment letter

  29. Which emphasizes professional achievements?
  30. (a) curriculum vitae
    (b) Resume
    (c) essay
    (d) paragraph

  31. Which is the best method for improving reading skills?
  32. (a) Regression
    (b) finger movement
    (c) Meditating
    (d) distractors

  33. In tone of voice speaking loudly in short sentences can show
  34. (a) aggression
    (b) incomplete point
    (c) expertise
    (d) Politeness

  35. Vocalic is used for expressing _____ through voice.
  36. (a) team
    (b) society
    (c) themselves
    (d) Audience

  37. Last stage of precis writing is?
  38. (a) Revision
    (b) Remolding
    (c) Giving title
    (d) Write fair copy

  39. Characters are included in the _______ of short story?
  40. (a) Theme
    (b) benefits
    (c) elements
    (d) Purpose

  41. Climax means ______?
  42. (a) setting
    (b) turning point
    (c) Falling action
    (d) resolution

  43. A precis is a sub-skill of:
  44. (a) Listening skill
    (b) speaking skill
    (c) reading skill
    (d) writing skill

  45. The word precis is derived from:
  46. (a) French
    (b) Arabic
    (c) Italian
    (d) German

  47. ______is the summary of all material used in report?
  48. (a) body
    (b) abstract
    (c) Introduction
    (d) conclusion

  49. What is the faulty reading habit?
  50. (a) Reading in chunks
    (b) contextual reading
    (c) Vocalization
    (d) highlighting the important stuff

  51. I am a student. This sentence is called _____.
  52. (a) affirmative
    (b) Interrogative
    (c) optative
    (d) imperative

  53. How many words are almost written in short story?
  54. (a) 100 to 1000
    (b) 900 to 1000
    (c) 500 to 1500
    (d) 2000 to 10000

  55. “One morning” is the example of _____.
  56. (a) Character
    (b) plot
    (c) setting
    (d) climax

  57. _____ usually done with material you know nothing about it.
  58. (a) intensive reading
    (b) extensive reading
    (c) skimming
    (d) Scanning

  59. Father said to Anas “Are you going?”
  60. (a) Father said Anas that was he going.
    (b) Father told Anas that he was going
    (c) Father asked Anas that if he was going.
    (d) Father asked Anas if he was going.

  61. How many major types of writing letters are?
  62. (a) 2
    (b) 5
    (c) 3
    (d) 4

  63. _______reports present results so readers can understand a
    particular problem or situation?
  64. (a) recommendation
    (b) Analytical
    (c) periodic
    (d) informational

  65. Which strategy is used for gathering ideas about a topic?
  66. (a) paragraph
    (b) resume
    (c) brainstorming
    (d) Drafting

  67. “Context and language” are the features of ______?
  68. (a) point of view
    (b) Comics
    (c) excerpts
    (d) Narration

  69. _____ are included in intensive reading.
  70. (a) bilingual books
    (b) Stories
    (c) magazines
    (d) research articles

  71. Which person should be used for writing a formal report?
  72. (a) second
    (b) fourth
    (c) third
    (d) first

  73. What is the ideal learning material for intensive reading?
  74. (a) Newspapers
    (b) magazines
    (c) stories
    (d) syllabus

  75. ___________is a reading skills you use when want to locate a
    single fact or a specific bit of information without reading every
    part of story, article, list or document.
  76. (a) comprehension
    (b) decoding
    (c) scanning
    (d) Reviewing

  77. Which letter also known as personal letter?
  78. (a) circular letter
    (b) Official letter
    (c) business letter
    (d) social letter

  79. How participants send and receive messages in Rost views
    as a part of transactional process on based on the theory of
  80. (a) written
    (b) appropriately
    (c) Separately
    (d) simultaneously

  81. “Over reliance on E. mails” is included in ____ of
  82. (a) Process
    (b) conversation
    (c) barrier
    (d) stages

  83. Verbal and non-verbal reactions are included in ____?
  84. (a) horizontal communication
    (b) Diagonal communication
    (c) mass communication
    (d) feedback

  85. People think _____ hundred above words per minute?
  86. (a) 3
    (b) 5
    (c) 4
    (d) 6

  87. The person who is unwilling to speak include in barriers called
  88. (a) subordinate
    (b) dean
    (c) Hierarchical
    (d) Superior

  89. Which is the last process in communication process?
  90. (a) encoding
    (b) channel
    (c) feedback
    (d) Source

  91. Posture means
  92. (a) way of stand or walk
    (b) Hand motion
    (c) eye contact
    (d) way of thinking

  93. when you organize material in presentation, how should you go?
  94. (a) abruptly to conclusion
    (b) specific to general
    (c) unknown to known
    (d) General to specific

  95. How many parts should be included in conclusion of presentation?
  96. (a) 5
    (b) 4
    (c) 6
    (d) 3

  97. The interview which carried out with one respondent at a time
    called _____?
  98. (a) face to face interview
    (b) Telephone interview
    (c) personal interview
    (d) Case study

  99. To rephrase means?
  100. (a) same words
    (b) to sum up
    (c) in other words
    (d) Explanation

  101. “Learn phrases rather than single words” are used for
    improving……in speaking skills?
  102. (a) pronunciation
    (b) Vocabulary
    (c) fluency
    (d) Grammar

  103. _____is that when the learner tries to understand what is
    happening even if he or she can’t understand every phrase or
  104. (a) structure
    (b) conclusion
    (c) Strategies
    (d) gist

  105. Which is needed for persuading any one to do any action?
  106. (a) Interaction
    (b) arguments
    (c) punctuation
    (d) time pressure

  107. Informal communication also called _____.
  108. (a) Official communication
    (b) Bottom up
    (c) top down
    (d) grapevine communication

  109. Listening is a/an _____ Process?
  110. (a) Horizontal
    (b) internal
    (c) external
    (d) downward

  111. Which listener is indulged in somewhere else during listening?
  112. (a) pseudo-listener
    (b) encoder
    (c) editor
    (d) Action oriented

  113. How many levels of listening are ______?
  114. (a) 5
    (b) 4
    (c) 6
    (d) 3

  115. When a person gives vague answer in interview its included in
  116. (a) concluding
    (b) negative
    (c) Positive
    (d) organizing

  117. In which stage of the listening, the listener assesses the
    information which he received, although its qualitative or
  118. (a) Evaluating
    (b) remembering
    (c) receiving
    (d) understanding

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