Functional English Important MCQs





Functional English MCQS

  • Identifying is possible because of:

(a) Skimming
(b) Skinning
(c) Both
(d) None

(a) Skimming

  • Achilles’ Heel means:

(a) A Person’s Particular Weakness

  • Blow up means:

(a) Explode

  • A hot potato means:

(a) A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal With

  • A Piece of Cake means:

(a) Something very Easy to Do

  • I plays Hockey. The sentence is:

(a) Incorrect.
I play Hockey

  • We use first form of the verb in:

(a) Present & Future
(b) Indefinite
(c) Present and Future
(d) Continuous

  • Once in a Blue Moon means:

(a) Very Rarely

  • What is part of an application.

(a) Subject
(b) Object
(c) Appendice
(d) Attachment

(a) Subject

  • How is an official letter not sent?

(a) By Hand
(b) By Post
(c) By E-Mail
(d) By Car

(d) By car

  • Download this vic
    What is the missing word. I am
    writing with to your letter no PE/KE/2021/11

(a) Idea
(b) Notion
(c) Reference
(d) Knowledge

(c) Reference

  • For report writing we need:

(a) Careful info
(b) Morphology
(c) Corpus
(d) Exoressions

(a) Careful info

  • Location where the name and address can be mentioned in a skills profile?

(a) To Left Corner
(b) Middle
(c) Bottom
(d) Bottom Right

(a) To Left Corner

  • Essentially, a
    is a short, sharp,
    concise document

(a) Thesis
(b) Drama
(c) Novel
(d) Report

(d) Report

  • We use Picture in picture form after using did.

(a) first
(b) third
(c) no
(d) second

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(a) first

  • CC in email stands for

(a) Carbon Copy

  • BCC in email stands for

(a) Blind Carbon Copy

  • E-mail can be searched through:

(a) Subject

  • E-mail is similar to:

(a) Letter Writing

  • E-mail means:

(a) Electronic Mail

  • Official Letters are _____ communication.

(a) Formal

  • ______ is a factual paper, and
    needs to be clear and well-structured.

(a) Report

  • An evaluation of the facts or the
    results of your research is a part of _____ writing.

(a) Report

  • E-mail can be sent through a
    phone, tab or _____.

(a) Computer

  • For Sending an e-mail, you need to
    have receiver’s ________ address.

(a) E-Mail

  • E-Mails can be formal or ______.

(a) Informal

  • Text comprehension improves when students can
    ______ the structure of the text.

(a) Understand

  • _____ happens when a word changes form depending on the other words to which it relates.

(a) Agreement

  • The length of a ________ review can
    start from one page to a whole essay

(a) Book

  • a book. (read) Choose
    the correct verb

(a) Reads

  • A good Writer is a good:

(a) Reader

  • Words like l, Me, We, Our should
    not be used in ____.

(a) Research

  • Research is ______ activity.

(a) Scientific

  • Cover Letters Support _____.

(a) Documents

Functional English Important MCQs

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