Application Writing MCQs

Application Writing MCQs

  1. Application for job is a type of
  2. (a) Business Letters
    (b) Orders Letters
    (c) Official Letters
    (d) Enquiry Letters

    (c) Official Letters

  3. Job Application Letter is Class _________.
  4. (a) Formal
    (b) Informal
    (c) Both Formal & Informal
    (d) None of these

    (a) Formal

  5. A job application letter is also known as
  6. (a) Call letter
    (b) Resume
    (c) Cover letter
    (d) Bio-data

    (c) Cover letter

  7. Scholarship form must be:
  8. (a) Formal
    (b) Informal
    (c) Both a and b
    (d) None of these

    (a) Formal

  9. Bio-data is also known as
  10. (a) Curriculum-Vitae
    (b) Carricular-Vitae
    (c) Curriculum-Vitamin
    (d) Circular-Vitae

    (a) Curriculum-Vitae

  11. Job application starts with ____.
  12. (a) Sender’s address
    (b) Receiver’s address
    (c) Organizer’s address
    (d) All of these

    (a) Sender’s address

  13. A job application letter prouides information about your
  14. (a) Skills
    (b) Experience
    (C) Achieuements
    (d) All of these

    (d) All of these

  15. When you end your cover letter by saying that you will
    call to follow up within a week or so, you are using
    what type of ending?
  16. (a) Aggressive
    (b) Active
    (c) Personal
    (d) Complimentary

    (d) Complimentary

  17. Which is not the part of a Bio-data?
  18. (a) Personal details
    (b) Qualifications
    (c) References
    (d) Spouse details

    (d) Spouse details

  19. Letter written for searching or seekinga job is called
  20. (a) Resume
    (b) Job Application
    (c) C.V
    (d) Prospectus

    (b) Job Application

  21. First paragraph of job application contains
  22. (a) Educational information
    (b) Personal information
    (c) Professional information
    (d) All of these

    (b) Personal information

  23. Tone of the job application should be
  24. (a) informal and courteous
    (b) relaxed and descriptive
    (c) polite and pleasant
    (d) exciting and less descriptive

    (c) polite and pleasant

  25. How many types of job application form:
  26. (a) 2
    (b) 3
    (c) 4
    (d) 5

    (a) 2

  27. The body of the cover letter contain:
  28. (a) Personal information or why you are appling for a
    (b) Educational information or experiances
    (c) hanks to the employer
    (d) All of above

    (d) All of above

  29. If you writing a formal letter what information might
    you need?
  30. (a) Date
    (b) Name
    (c) Contact details
    (d) All of the above

    (d) All of the above

  31. Which part of the letter contains the main content:
  32. (a) Body of the letter
    (b) Heading
    (c) Complimentary close
    (d) None of these

    (a) Body of the letter

  33. _____contains the name, letter, address contact detail
    in job application letter:
  34. (a) Heading
    (b) Body of the letter
    (c) Salutation
    (d) None of these

    (b) Body of the letter

  35. _____is purposed to help the student with the cost of
    his/her studies.
  36. (a) Resume
    (b) Scholarship
    (c) Both a and b
    (d) None of these

    (b) Scholarship

  37. Scholarship mostly given to:
  38. (a) Needy students and talented students
    (b) Talented students
    (c) Both a and b
    (d) None of these

    (a) Needy students and talented students

  39. Which of the following are the types of job Application
  40. (a) Email job application
    (b) Online job application
    (c) Paper job application
    (d) Both a and c

    (d) Both a and c

  41. While writting the scholarship form which things is
  42. (a) Describe what is your aim to gain from scholarship

    (b) Mentioned the career and educational goals
    (c) Both a and b
    (d) None of these

    (c) Both a and b

  43. Do not use job title that are:
  44. (a) Misleading
    (b) Vague
    (c) Interesting and descriptive
    (d) Both a and b

    d) Both a and b

  45. Letter Written for searching or seeking a job is called
    _____________ Application.
  46. (a) job
    (b) Letter
    (c) formal
    (d) informal

    (a) job

  47. A job application letter,also known as _______.
  48. (a) Letter writing
    (b) cover letter
    (c) formal letter
    (d) None of above

    (a) Letter writing

  49. The Length of letter application should be no more than
    ________ page long.
  50. (a) one
    (b) two
    (c) three
    (d) as your requirements

    (a) one

  51. The font size in application writing is _______.
  52. (a) 10-12 point
    (b) 12-14 point
    (c) 14-16 point
    (d) 16-20 point

    (a) 10-12 point (Recommended)

  53. How to complete a job application form?
  54. (a) Prepare Yourself and find out what the empolyer
    (b) Writing your application
    (c) final checks
    (d) all of the above

    (d) all of the above

  55. What are the job application necessary checklist?
  56. (a) Are your personal details accura
    (b) Have you spelled the employer’s name correc
    (c) Have you filled in all the fields, and Have you kept
    a copy.
    (d) All of the above

    (d) All of the above

  57. Types of the job application is ______.
  58. (a) online job Application
    (b) email job Application
    (c) paper job Application
    (d) All of these

    (d) All of these

  59. formate of job application letter is _______.
  60. (a) Heading
    (b) Salutation,Body of the letter
    (c) Complimentary close,signature
    (d) all of the above

    (d) all of the above

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Application Writing MCQs
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